About Email Marketing Express

Email Marketing Express is professional and perfect email marketing software. It will help you to design and deliver millions of personalized HTML and Text messages to your customers as well as helpfully provide you with detailed reports and delivery logs.

With powerful multiple functions, such as import unlimited recipient lists, resend emails to failed addresses, it brings you the best way of email marketing. You can import contacts from .text, .csv, .mdb, .xls and other more types of files to save your valuable time. Easy, effective and profitable, Email Marketing Express is definitely your competent e-mailman and canvasser.

We have a qualified and professional work team, and all team members have excellent skills, high enthusiasm and rich experience for work. Our goal is to develop good, solid, and user-friendly software applications to help consumers reach their prospects and achieve their business goals -- and we're still hard at work on our goal.

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Feedback from consumers is the major source of information for us to improve the products and service. We will appreciate it if you could put forward your impression or suggestions of our products and service. If you've got any question, suggestion or comment on our software products and service, please feel free to contact us. Please contact us at: support@email-marketing-express.com.

Key Features

    Support both HTML and plain text formats. A simple yet powerful visual HTML editor and the ability to import existing .html files enable you to compose messages easily.
  • Advanced Settings
    Directly send from computer or from SMTP server, resend messages repeatedly when failed, pause every X message(s) for second(s).
  • Recipient List Management
    List files (.txt, .csv etc) importing, unlimited list creation, subscribe/unsubscribe setting, automatically bounced handling and exclusion function.
  • Detailed Reports
    Help you analyze the delivery results, support reports export. Delivery information provides reasons of failed addresses in detail.
  • Attachments and Image Support
    Generate newsletters with attachments and embedded images, avoiding all email message reading related problems.
  • And more…
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